Pat McGrath Forbidden Ritual Kit Review

by forbeautyholic

Here’s a kit: Forbidden Ritual Kit.

This stunning collection features the iconic Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quad: Ritualistic Rose, paired with an alluring Coral Rose Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick, Beautiful Stranger and an alluring mid-tone peachy LUST Gloss™ Aphrodisiac.

The PAT lipstick is like a work of art. Each shade has a different shell. When the paste is rotated out, you will find that its appearance is a matte velvet texture, like a matte surface, and it will be rusty when applied to the lips. a feeling of.

Beautiful Stranger color has the feeling of bean paste dumpling, which is more gentle. But it’s mini size, but it’s good enough for me. The pink shell is small and easy to carry.

Blitz Astral Quads are sturdy and luxurious in a sleek black plastic case. Actually I think it’s a little too heavy. Overall, it’s slightly warmer, but the soft pale rose and muted plum shades make the quad appeal to many different skin tones.

Light gold is on the cool side, and bronze is dark enough to add depth to the look. The shade is beautiful, but while being creamy, they feel a little tough on the fingertips.

In LUST: Gloss, ethereal eroticism meets surreal seductive gloss. This mouth-fixing lipstick glides on to perfectly soothe and smooth lips while evoking a luminous glow.

A favorite comes in an elegant heart-shaped vial. It’s heartwarming to look at, I’ve never been able to resist this cute packaging.

I like it very much! ! !

If you haven’t tried any of Molton Brown’s skin care products, Check out more details about the release below!

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