Pat Mcgrath Mothership VII: Divine Rose Review

by forbeautyholic

The launch of Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette surprised the beauty industry.

Rose Venus single eyeshadow is a rose color with a metallic texture, while the eyeshadow in the palette is a peachy orange with a pink two-tone effect. Depending on how the light hits this, it will change its appearance.

The Mothership Seven Sacred Rose palette has a blend of matte, glitter, rainbow tones and a glitter. The pigment is excellent in all colors and the formula is easy to mix. The appearance of this one is endless, and I think it perfectly combines neutral colors, rose colors and more avant-garde shimmers.

You ask why this palette is so expensive? This is not only because of the beautiful, high-quality colors, but also the super luxurious packaging! Being hailed as the “Queen of Packaging” on social media is not difficult to understand. The shell is covered with incredible pink/rose gold artwork, which is fascinating.

When you open the box, the palette fits tightly inside. The palette itself is a smooth black rectangular box with the Pat McGrath logo printed on the front.

With gorgeous packaging, creamy high-quality, super color-developing formula and unique shades, I personally think it is worth the money.

I hope you all like this article! Do you own Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Palette or any of her other products? I would love to know what you think of them.




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