Pat Mcgrath Permagel Ultra Glide Lip Pencil Review

by forbeautyholic

I recently made a huge Pat McGrath Labs beauty product from Sephora. Many people asked me to comment on MatteTrance lipsticks.

Let me talk about the box packaging first, right? I know that the super beautiful box and packaging may be a waste, but the presentation is very beautiful.

Opening any lipstick or pencil is like opening a gift. I don’t know if the golden embossed icon on the front has any meaning, but everything is so artistic and creative.

The Permagel Ultra Lip Liner and Permagel Ultra Glide Eyeliner are super smooth and delicate. They can slide onto the skin and are waterproof.

I like the easy way the pencil glides on my lips without tugging or sticking to my lips. It is soft, almost gel-like texture, giving a comfortable feeling. Even though they have a matte finish, I never felt any dryness throughout the wear process.

Every Pat McGrath Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil comes with an auxiliary sharpener, so you don’t have to worry about it.

They perform well, the color provides opaque coverage, and the beautiful formula, but I admit that the price is on the high side. Quality does exist, but Pat McGrath’s cosmetics are still quite expensive for some people.

This is worth it!




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