Pat Mcgrath Divine Rose Luxe Quad: Eternal Eden Review

by forbeautyholic

Luxe Quad: In the eternal Garden of Eden-Quad feels very smooth and you can use it to create a variety of looks. I really like the Earthy Delight hue (brown fuchsia, bottom left corner) because it is perfect for delineating the eye sockets.

The shiny tones are very good and have no effect. Matte pink and peach tones are not very close to the face. Therefore, people of any age can wear them. I use these eyeshadows without any primer and they will stay on my eyelids for a long time.

It is the release of another rose theme, including two matte eyeshadows and two shimmering eyeshadows (one is more like a pearl, the other is very metallic and shiny). All four shades are colored, long-lasting, and can Mixed, although a shimmer is thinner than usual, a matte is powdery.

There is no denying that Pat McGrath’s products are expensive. Before I tried it myself, I thought the price was not worth it. The packaging of everything is very luxurious, you paid a high price for that packaging, but the formula is just as amazing as the packaging. To

It’s worth it, have you tried it?




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