Pat Mcgrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Review

by forbeautyholic

I think I have never had so many questions and comments on foundation like Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection.

The look and feel of the box are very high-end, when you open the top, there is no tear open the box, you will find an equally luxurious glass bottle, actually very heavy. The outer box packaging is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen, let alone own it. It is a smooth black with gold leaf monogram font. Unlike most single boxes with flip tops, Mother’s foundation opens the top of the box to reveal a beautiful bottle.

It is definitely a liquid-not a creamy liquid, it is watery, like a serum. Pat described it as a “light serum.” So be careful. Sublime Perfection Foundation should be smooth, luxurious and creamy to the touch. The formula also claims to be self-setting, post-perfect (getting better in the day) and long-lasting.

The foundation is very light and liquid in texture. It feels light and comfortable on the skin, and it allows my skin to “breathe” even in a warm and humid environment. It is fragrance-free, goes well with my sensitive canvas (no irritation/reaction!) and the fluid formula seems to be suspended on the skin, blurring the fine lines and discoloration process. To

One pump provides me with sheer coverage, and two easily build seamless medium coverage, still with a natural skin effect, showing a satin finish over time. After a few hours of wear, my skin does look better in this foundation… it is fresh, multi-dimensional and radiant without falling into oily areas.

It is expensive, but my experience so far forced me to believe that it is definitely worth pursuing and investing in. I am confident that I will wear it for the rest of the summer!




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