Pat Mcgrath Blitztrance™ Lipstick Review

by forbeautyholic

Continuing with the holiday beauty review, check out Pat McGrath BlitzTrance Lipstick ($38 each, 3.9 g/0.13 oz, made in the USA). Pat McGrath continues to introduce innovative colors and formulas in a way that makes me want to go beyond my usually conservative makeup comfort zone and try new things.

These lipsticks are very shiny, but the shimmer and degree of shimmer is different for each shade. I will describe them in more detail next to each shade description.

There are some shimmers with some texture, but it is not a rough texture and I hardly noticed it once on the lips. The staying power is very good-the color base is emollient and has a moisturizing feel, so it helps the glitter adhere and does not migrate.

The formula should have “monochromatic” and “super-reflective pearls”, with a “silky” and “creamy” texture to produce a “multi-dimensional luster”. Pigmentation varies from shade to shade, with more medium to translucent pigmentation with “full coverage”, and the amount of glitter/shimmer also varies significantly from shade to shade.

I can feel a little bit of texture from the shimmer applied on the lips, but once applied on the lips, they feel 100% smooth. The staying power is very good-no slippage, I don’t need a lip liner to help the color stay in place.

I recommend it!




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