Pat Mcgrath Lip Fetish Balm Review

by forbeautyholic

Compared to lip gloss or lip balm, I usually prefer moisturizing lipsticks, and sometimes I prefer good quality matte lipsticks. For lip balm, I look for a lip balm with enough pigment to show on my lips and a non-greasy formula. When I saw Pat McGrath Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm attracted me.

I believe you already know to expect satin glitter beads in the packaging (to be honest, I don’t know how to call them), if they are spilled, they will become very messy. I don’t know how I feel about these satin/shimmer beads, but I think this is her iconic thing, so I will go with the flow.

The formula is based on shea butter, which glides easily. The balm feels very light, but also moisturizing, and is infused with soothing emollients, antioxidants and vitamins to protect against free radicals, restore softness and elasticity, and leave a gorgeous luster!

I know that in the cold season, my lips usually get dry, which would be great. It is also very effective under other lipsticks, including matte lip products. If you have difficulty wearing matte lipsticks, I would recommend using it underneath as it will not interfere with the matte lipstick formula.

Have you tried Pat McGrath before? What is your favorite lip balm?




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