Pat Mcgrath Eye Ecstasy™: Eye Shadow Palette Review

by forbeautyholic

Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Mini Eyeshadow Palette is an eye shadow palette.

This kind of packaging reminds me of the appearance of laboratory samples. It is plastic and does not contain a mirror. They might strengthen it a bit, but I really don’t mind that much, because it’s more about the performance of the product. However, although it is beautiful, the thousand small sequins in the original packaging are not necessary at all.

Although they work well with a brush, I find that applying directly with my fingertips works best. They are well colored, easy to apply and last all day. I tend to use eyeshadow primer for all my eyeshadows, but I think you can skip the eyeshadow primer and still get good results.

The two shades of Sinful & Gold Nectar feel the creamiest and densest, while Sextrovert & Corruption is also metallic, but it doesn’t feel creamy and smooth. Illicit is the only matte (with golden shimmer) that can be used as a crease color when used very lightly.

They are incredibly pigmented and very pleasant to use, especially if you are tired of the bland eye shadow shades. I chose this palette because I like a warm palette and I can incorporate it into my daily makeup. Every time I use any eyeshadow, I always get compliments.

It is worth it!




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