Pat Mcgrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer Review

by forbeautyholic

Today’s product is a new concealer and foundation blur powder from Pat Mcgrath’s Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection series. I like her foundation because it is perfect for me: light weight, natural makeup, feel and look like skin, non-irritating.

The concealer comes in a transparent glass tube with a black cap and comes with a toe applicator. It is a creamy full concealer with a natural matte finish. I need the tiniest point to hide under the eyes and it feels very light. To

This concealer is also formulated with Vita-Serum Complex like a foundation. Mother’s proprietary Flex Form Matrix powder mixture ensures an even and true color that blends smoothly into the skin.

Optical diffuse pigments exhibit excellent soft focus effects, elegantly improving skin texture by smoothing and blurring the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. This flexible, lightweight formula gives excellent long-lasting performance, showing a luxurious velvety texture and an unusually silky feel.

My experience with this concealer is great. Since I got it, I have used it every day and I like it. Currently this shade is a bit light for me (because of self-tanning), so I only use it on the eye area to brighten everything up. It provides me with comprehensive coverage, almost no big deal.

In short, I highly recommend you to try it!




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